You Are Stronger Than You Think!

11 Jan

‘you are stronger than you think’

What a powerful phrase. While smashing out some more kilometres last night at RPM (up to a total of 52 done now!) I felt like giving up, that I couldn’t go any further and the instructor must have noticed because she looked straight at me and said those 6 words.
Those words got me through the rest of the class and boy did I feel fantastic afterwards! I didn’t give up like I usually would! I pushed until I could not push any more!
Something clicked and I realised the only person I am letting down if I give up or don’t give it my all, is myself and I am sick of letting myself down!

So those words are now going to be my mantra for the 12WBT. If I think I can’t do it, I will say those words out loud and I will push harder.
This journey has just begun and I am going to give it my all to become a better version of me!


One Response to “You Are Stronger Than You Think!”

  1. Amanda Hyatt January 13, 2012 at 1:48 am #

    All I can say, Kim, is YES YOU ARE!! Don’t let your brain fool you into thinking you’re anything less than inspirational, capable and incredibly powerful. GO GO GO! Take control, stay accountable and you are going to smash 12wbt. Enjoy the journey and the pride of re-discovering the amazing person you really are!

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