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You Are Stronger Than You Think!

11 Jan

‘you are stronger than you think’

What a powerful phrase. While smashing out some more kilometres last night at RPM (up to a total of 52 done now!) I felt like giving up, that I couldn’t go any further and the instructor must have noticed because she looked straight at me and said those 6 words.
Those words got me through the rest of the class and boy did I feel fantastic afterwards! I didn’t give up like I usually would! I pushed until I could not push any more!
Something clicked and I realised the only person I am letting down if I give up or don’t give it my all, is myself and I am sick of letting myself down!

So those words are now going to be my mantra for the 12WBT. If I think I can’t do it, I will say those words out loud and I will push harder.
This journey has just begun and I am going to give it my all to become a better version of me!