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Pre-season Tasks 1-7

6 Feb

Okay so I am nearing the end of the Pre-Season tasks on Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation and already I can see changes *fist pump*
I’m quickly going to run through each one to keep myself accountable and to make sure I ALWAYS refer back to them!

Task 1 – Introduce Yourself 

Good morning fellow 12wbt’ers!!

My name is Kimberly – but Kim is fine by me! 
I am a bubbly 21year old who has caught the travel bug!
I come from a little place in South Australia called Adelaide, you may have heard of it!
Currently, I am working full time as a receptionist – so I am sitting on my bum for hours on end! I am also studying to become a financial planner. I’m still not sure if it is what I really want to do but I will finish the course and see where it leads me! In a perfect world, I would travel!!

I have joined up for this round of the 12 Week Body Transformation after much arguing with myself. 
I guess I didn’t think I could succeed as I have tried many other things to lose weight and I have never stuck to it!
Something clicked a few weeks ago and now I am ready to give it my all and become the fun, energetic, trim, toned and teriffic girl I used to be! I would like to lose weight and increase my fitness but ultimately I want to be happy and confident in how I look and what I can achieve!

I am heading off to Thailand in early March – so it’s my Mish’n to lose a substantial chunk of this weight so I don’t feel so flubbery in my bikini!

I can’t wait to get right into this and change my life and hope to get to know more of you soon!!

Task 2 – Get Real

I found this task quite difficult! Basically I had to list down every excuse I had in the book from ‘I’m too tired’ to ‘I have period pain’ I think by the end of this though I listed all of the excuses and BullSh*t and listed reasons to get around it and still put my health first!
I’m still struggling to not use the excuses but I know I will get better 🙂

Task 3 – Take Control

See goals tab!

Task 4 – Gear Up 

I didn’t really need to do anything for this task as I already have purchased some workout DVD’s, weights and have a gym membership! I would have loved to buy a new ‘workout outfit’ but unfortunately funds don’t allow for it at the moment! When I get smaller e.g. small enough to fit into Lorna Jane – I will re think!

Task 5 – Say It Out Loud

So I will say it loud and proud – I am petrified of making commitments, main reason being I am scared to fail and to let people down so I found this task the hardest!
I got my whiteboard and wrote my commitment on it then I sat down with my boyfriend and told him, then I called my mum, sister and best friend to let them all know too! So hard but now I really feel like I CAN do it!!
So for those of you reading this – this is my commitment…

My Commitment
To my family, my boyfriend, my friends, my 12WBT family, Mish and myself

I commit today to be the starting point of what will be a long, tiring, exciting and rewareding journey
I commit to many hours in the gym
I commit to healthy eating
I commit to not giving up
I commit to giving 110%…always
I commit to completing the City to Bay fun run
I commit to climbing up Mt Lofty in under 1 hour
I commit to losing 10kg in Round 1

It won’t always be easy and it may be easier to just give up but I am committed and I WON’T GIVE UP

This is my commitment to you.

Task 6 – Kitchen Makeover

Again not much to do for this task as I did a massive kitchen overhaul a few weeks back 🙂

Task 7 – Organise and Diarize

I have just purchased a super bright diary ready to be filled with gym dates!
I have already put in my ‘red flag’ dates being my trip to Thailand and a couple of birthdays coming up!

Overall I have gained so much from doing these tasks – the killer will be on Thursday when Task 8 – Measure Up is opened! I need to take my measurements and before photos and this will officially be the beginning of my journey although it really has already begun!

To all you other 12WBT people – good luck and know that WE CAN DO THIS!