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25 Jan

Finally! I have had a breakthrough!
Last night, I decided to do a back to back class – Pump then RPM. It was tough and I was so close to walking out on more than one occasion. I made a deal with myself that if I pushed hard until the end of the song, I could ease off a bit. Not a chance – about halfway through RPM, with legs like jelly and sore arms, I had a breakthrough!!
I wanted to push harder, I wanted to go faster and I wanted to give it my absolute all! Motivation and determination had set in and these are two things I have really been lacking. It is amazing how much more you have in you, how much more you can give when you really want to.
During the classes I realised that the song will always end…it doesn’t go on forever and that pain is temporary.

So today has come around – the deaded weigh in Wednesday! Can’t say I was overly excited to jump on the scales this morning but I did and I have lost 1kg! It doesn’t sound like much, but if you lift a 1kg bag of rice it puts it all into perspective!